US politics: Russian bounty payments claim sparks Trump briefing row – live updates

  • Reports: ‘Russian bounties’ intelligence was in Trump daily briefing
  • Health workers filed more than 4,000 complaints about protective gear
  • Friends and family pay tribute to Elijah McClain
  • Arizona among states taking measures as Covid-19 surges again
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“The human factor that we love so much about our jobs has nearly gone.” That’s what Dr. Jennifer O’Hea, an intensive care unit doctor overseeing 100 patients at the Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, told ABC News.

Arizona is one of the southern states seeing a record surge in coronavirus infections, after a rapid reopening for businesses despite a lack of cure, proven drug treatments or vaccinations against Covid-19. It quickly backtracked on its reopening last night.


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This is Joanna Walters in New York taking over from my colleague Martin Belam in London on what is unfolding as a busy morning in US political news on many fronts.

Soon the group of Democratic members of Congress will emerge to let us know what the White House had to say earlier this morning about the Russian US military bounty scandal.

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