UN warns world is failing on all targets set to save nature : worldnews

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Countries are set to miss all of the targets they set themselves a decade ago to preserve nature and save Earth’s vital biodiversity, the United Nations said Tuesday.

“We are currently, in a systematic manner, exterminating all non-human living beings,” Anne Larigauderie, IPBES executive secretary, told AFP. Ahead of the UN General Assembly and a crucial year of diplomacy for nature and the climate, the assessment said that none of the biodiversity targets would be fully met, “Undermining efforts to address climate change.”

“(Subsidies) are harmful to biodiversity and in most cases in the aggregate harmful economically and socially,” he told AFP. Reacting to the UN’s assessment, Andy Purvis from the Department of Life Sciences at Britain’s Natural History Museum, said it was “Shocking” that the world was set to miss all 20 of its own nature protection targets.

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