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Just like the national party, local Democratic leaders aren’t on the same page about the path forward. Milwaukee’s progressive youth activists often face roadblocks from their moderate elders. For Democratic state representative David Bowen, an unprecedented pandemic and uprising is “a wake up call” to Democrats to “tap into the energy” of a youth-led movement for justice.

“This is righteous anger that young people are engaging in all over the country,” he said. “It’s this amazing synergy that says ‘if you don’t tap into this, you’re going to lose us.’ So they have to do it”.

Bowen’s the only state lawmaker to show up for The People’s Revolution at nearly every night of protests. We can’t piecemeal our way out of the problems that have accumulated over decades. There is an opportunity for the vice-president and senator to be champions on the issues that are driving people to not give up every day.”

“People are fighting for change. That opportunity is incumbent upon Democrats rising to the occasion.”

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