‘Sick video of my daughter’s murder is still being posted on Facebook and YouTube’ – World News

A dad whose daughter was murdered on live TV has voiced his anger at Facebook and YouTube as footage of her death is still being posted five years later.

Heartbroken Andy Parker claims he was told by Google that he would have to watch the traumatic videos and report them himself in order for them to be removed.

Gun reform activist Mr Parker says it should be illegal for social networks to host sick videos of murders.

His daughter, journalist Alison Parker was shot dead as she carried out a broadcast in August 2015 in Virginia.

Since the tragedy, which also claimed the life of photojournalist Adam Ward, he said “conspiracy theorists and other bad actors” continue to post the distressing footage.

Alison Parker, left, with mother, Barbara Parker; father Andy Parker and brother Drew Parker at Drew’s 28th birthday in June
Alison Parker, left, with mother Barbara, father Andy and brother Drew

And he has accused YouTube of capitalising on the murders for “pure shock value and entertainment”.

When he approached YouTube and Facebook, he wrote in a CNN column, both companies said they had taken action.

But five years later the horrifying footage of the shooting, by sacked former journalist Vester Lee Flanagan II, continues to be posted.

The killer shot himself after a five hour manhunt.

Alison Parker
Alison Parker was murdered in 2015

He said the sites “haven’t done enough” – and even said Google, which owns YouTube, had asked him to flag offending videos himself.

“They wanted me to watch my daughter’s murder and explain why it should be removed,” he said.

“I never have and I never will watch any of those videos.”

Despite the distressing nature of the footage, there is nothing to make it illegal in the US – something Mr Parker is desperate to change.

A complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), arguing YouTube is not sticking to its own terms of use, said: “Mr Parker and his family have had only one tool available to defend themselves from such traumatic vitriol and the nightmare of seeing their daughter’s death: watch these videos one-by-one in order to report them.”

He is now appealing to the US Congress to make it illegal for sites to host graphic video of violent crimes and murders.

TV news cameraman Adam Ward, 27, (R) who was shot dead with news reporter, Alison Parker, 24, (L) whilst doing a live broadcast WBDJ7 Station in moneta
Cameraman Adam Ward, 27, was shot dead with news reporter, Alison Parker, 24

Mr Parker told ABC earlier this year : “I want to do this for Alison. And I like to think she’d be proud of her dad.”

He said fellow activists, including the dad of a victim of the Sandy Hook mass shootings, had trawled social media sites and reported incidents of the video being hosted.

“When I opened YouTube and typed her name, there were pages and pages and pages,” he said.

He said Facebook has removed videos and created a “digital footprint” in order to delete similar videos being uploaded.

“But despite this digital fingerprint, videos of my daughter’s murder continue to appear on Facebook,” he said.

He said that Google has made some effort and removes videos flagged by users, but it is not enough.

Mirror Online has contacted Facebook and Google for comment.

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