Knee-on-neck, mass surveillance and protest suppression: How Israel shaped US policing

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Rosenfeld called the incident “Sad” and said that “There is no procedure that allows an officer of the Israel police department to carry out an arrest by placing a knee on the neck of a suspect”.

“It is important to understand that US police have harmed Black people long before Israel existed, and that Israel harms Palestinians without any special training from the US,” an activist whose work focuses on building Black-Palestinian solidarity told MEE. Even so, these training exchanges with Israeli law enforcement “Should be opposed”, she said, “Because they help two already repressive forces learn how to enhance state violence against populations fighting racism and colonialism”.

US authorities – police and national guard – have tear-gassed peaceful gatherings, shot at protesters with rubber bullets, mass arrested protesters, detained lawmakers, implemented curfews, and indiscriminately targeted journalists, all of which are tactics commonly used by Israel against Palestinians.

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