Hawaii Group Sets Record For Largest Haul of Plastic Removed From The Great Pacific Garbage Patch : worldnews

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Ocean Voyages Institute says it made history this week, returning to the port of Honolulu Tuesday, after successfully removing 103 tons of fishing nets and consumer plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Known as the ‘Ghost Net Buster,’ Mary Crowley is renowned for developing effective methods to remove significant amounts of plastics out of the ocean, including 48 tons of plastics during two ocean clean-up voyages in 2019, including one that scooped up nets that had trapped garbage around the Hawaiian islands.

Ocean Voyages Institute unloaded the record-breaking haul of ocean plastic debris this week while docked alongside Pier 29, thanks to the support of Honolulu-based Matson, in preparation for upcycling and proper disposal.

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