Florida coronavirus cases surge past 100,000 : worldnews

The response to the coronavirus usually follows political party lines. If you’re a red state (Republican) or have a red governor then it’s probably business as usual; no mask required while in public and act like the virus is just the flu.

Trump doesn’t want mass testing because he knows the numbers are higher than what’s being reported, which makes his poll numbers drop. His re-election is the only thing that matters and he’ll continue to sacrifice American lives to achieve his goals.

Let’s not forget Trump’s administration knew about the virus last year but refused to prepare for it. In fact, earlier this year he said it was “a Democratic hoax meant to ruin his re-election chances.”

He’s refused to enact ANY meaningful legislation meant to help curb the virus and its impact on Americans. Instead, he did the only thing he knows to do with a problem he can’t handle: throw money at it (stimulus checks).

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