‘Dragon girl’ who tattooed her eyeballs shares before-and-after bum lift pics – World News

A model who shot to fame when she started sharing photos of her intricate body art has uploaded images from before and after her Brazilian bum lift.

Amber Luke, who has has spent over £20,000 on ink, body modifications and even tattooed her eyeballs, has undergone her latest cosmetic procedure to date.

The 24-year-old from New South Wales Australia boasts over 107,000 followers on her Instagram where she posts pictures of herself flaunting her incredible tattoos and body modifications to her adoring fans.

The social media star shared pictures of her invasive procedure which involves removing fat from one part of the body and transferring it to the bum to make it appear rounder.

Amber said: “My [Brazilian bum lift] experience has been quite pleasant considering how much blood there’s been, cosmos has made me feel so content with my progress and ensure me that everything’s going to plan every two days when I get a massage to help drain excess fluids.

She has shared before and after images of her bumlift (left before, right after)

“I have to wear diapers to help with the bleeding HAHA but other than that it’s all good.”

Three days after the procedure, Amber shared another photo of herself saying she was “starting to feel human again”.

The before photos have been shared by Amber

She has spent £20,000 on her body art

She wrote: “I’m feeling good, I‘ve been walking around the shops since day 2, but today I went to the markets and had a decent walk around.

“The swelling has gone down a tremendous amount, I’m feeling human again!”

Amber, who is now known as “Dragon Girl” for her out of this world look, has had her tongue split, her earlobes stretched and eyeballs tattooed in a string of dangerous body modifications.

Amber before she started having tattoos
She shares images of her body online

Earlier this year Amber shared a snap of what she used to look like in her teenage years.

In the throwback image, she posed in a baby blue prom dress.

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With her delicate nails and sparkly silver jewellery, her long blonde locks are strikingly different to the blue hairdo she’s rocking at the moment.

Amber first started her tattoo addiction aged 14, when she was battling depression.

Since then, she’s been tattooed more than 100 times.

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