Coronavirus Australia update: two Victoria schools closed and police patrol Melbourne hotspots to enforce lockdown rules – live news | Australia news

I think Victoria is approaching this in the right way. Nationally, we’ve established testing, tracing and local response.

That includes the potential for travel warnings in and out of the local government area, or going further as we did in north-west Tasmania.

So we effectively implemented this same approach where there was a significant outbreak around Burnie.

It was very difficult for the local population, but ultimately, it led to the control of what was a far greater outbreak in terms of cases to population number. And Tasmania has been doing extraordinarily well since.

We brought in the Australian medical assistance teams, coupled with the military, to support the hospital, to support the population.

Here, Victoria has significantly greater resources, but with support from other states and the commonwealth where required. So I think they’ve set the right structure in place, and we’ll continue to support. And that remains an option. But I am hopeful that with this level of testing, and this level of awareness and the relatively small number of unidentified cases, that we will be able to control and suppress those cases.

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