Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria reports 51 new cases and seven deaths as NSW records seven cases | Australia news

Firstly in relation to the aged care – the current royal commission has already been addressing, so we have a standing royal commission into aged care and they have specifically been addressing the COVID-19 response as part of their work and that will, I understand, continue to be the case and we have made it clear that we believe that that’s an appropriate part of their work. So we’re in the fortunate position that that’s standing, existing, empowered and, in fact, has been underway.

Secondly – in relation to the Doherty modelling, my advice, my very, very clear advice from the department, is that the underlying modelling had no error.

I think there was apparently one chart which was public-facing which had curve drawn in a particular place. That hasn’t affected our actions at all.

It wouldn’t have affected the actions at all because the underlying modelling and all of the work was correct and that hasn’t had an impact. So I got clear advice from my department on that.

I would say this – one of Australia’s great achievements, when you think our task was two-fold – to contain the virus and in a world of extraordinary numbers, in a world of 27.8 million cases and 900,000 lives lost, the world does look at Australia, an extraordinary outcome but obviously with a challenge in Victoria.

At the same time is containing, we built the capacity and to build the capacity for 7,500 ventilation units, at a time when we saw the chaos and tragedy in Italy and Spain, France and the UK and New York and so many other places, provided that protection for Australia and it’s been an immensely important protection. It also allows us to be able to support the broader region around Australia.

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