Coronavirus Australia live update: Scott Morrison holds press conference as Victoria records 41 Covid cases | Australia news

There’s 100,000-plus people going back to work quite soon that, and the mix of that and how that will work in very practical terms has absolutely been informed by very detailed discussions.

I know there are a lot of businesses, a lot of sectors, a lot of peak bodies who did not get the news they wanted yesterday. I understand that.

Again, I’ll be really clear about this. It’s not just about profits. There are people as well. They’re concerned about all those things. If we could have provided a different series of steps, more things opened faster and done that safely, then, of course, that’s what we would have done.

We will continue this week, for instance, to consult with a very wide range of stakeholders, a very wide range of businesses, particularly those who are worst affected by these necessary steps and the safe and steady nature of them.

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