Was President Trump’s Tulsa Rally A Massive Flop?

Mediaite: Lincoln Project Mocks Trump’s Size in New Ad. The Rally. They’re Talking About Rally Size. Probably.The rabblerousers behind the Lincoln Project have pulled no punches in their criticisms of President Donald Trump, and the Never-Trump Republican group’s latest ad aims below the belt, with a 45 second video clip full of double entendres about size, mocking the president for the disappointing turnout at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.

As Mediaite covered yesterday, attendance at the Tulsa rally was far below expectations. An outdoor event for the “overflow crowd” before the rally was canceled because, well, there just wasn’t any overflow crowd at all.


WNU Editor: Even though this rally was three days ago, the main stream media is still talking about it. So what is my take. The Trump team did boast that this was going to be a massive rally. There are also those who are claiming that TikTok users grabbed tickets without any intention of showing up …. Trump’s campaign was trolled by TikTok users in Tulsa (CNN). My view is different. The ratings for FOX News for a Saturday was one of the best that they have ever had …. 8 Million Viewers Watch Fox News Coverage Of Trump’s Tulsa Rally (FOX News). Millions also watched this rally on the Trump’s campaign streaming platforms …. Trump rally draws over 4 million viewers, pre-show over 2.5 million (Trump-Pence). There is also the main stream media’s platforms that streamed this rally live, of which I was one of those consumers. And as for the low numbers of the rally. Upon reflection, no one should be surprised. If I was living in Tulsa and had a ticket to this rally, I would not show up to watch Trump or even Biden if he had decided to have his own event. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and no campaign event is worth getting sick over.

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