War News Updates: Editor’s Note

After 13 years using the same web platform, Blogger has recently changed how I can make my posts on War News Updates. I knew that this was going to be the new standard a few months ago, and I have tried my best to avoid it by using the “Go Back To Classic Blogger” style for posting. No more now. After saying that I can use the classic Version of Blogger for a few more months, Google has now made it mandatory today (at least for me). To say that this new version is incredibly confusing is an understatement. It takes three times longer to make a post, and it is even more difficult to edit. To say that I am frustrated right now is an understatement. I will need to find a new platform to post War News Updates. Bottom line. Expect fewer posts per day until this is resolved. 

Update: I am not alone. I am checking out some Google forums, and all bloggers who use Google Blogger Interface are in an uproar. Here is one blogger posting 3 months ago on how horrible this new interface is going to be …. Google’s NEW Blogger interface does not work properly! (Making A Mark). He has been proven right.

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