US Air Force Says B-52 Bombers Are ‘Competing Every Day’ Over Europe To Send A Message To Russia

Six B-52s flying through Norwegian airspace en route to RAF Fairford on August 22. US Air Force/23rd Bomb Squadron. © US Air Force/23rd Bomb Squadron

Business Insider: B-52 bombers are ‘competing every day’ over Europe to send a message to Russia, top US Air Force officer says * US Air Force B-52s arrived in the UK in late August for another Bomber Task Force deployment, and since then the bombers have conducted training missions spanning the Arctic to North Africa.
* Those operations reflect the emphasis senior US military leadership in Europe has put on “competing every day,” and there’s more to come, the top Air Force planner in the region said Tuesday.

A flurry of US Air Force activity over Europe in recent weeks is meant to reassure allies and signal to Russia that it won’t interfere with those relationships, the head of planning for US Air Forces in Europe and Africa said Tuesday.

Six B-52 bombers flew from North Dakota to Europe late last month, landing in the UK on August 22 for what the Air Force called “a long-planned training mission.” Since then, the venerable bombers have flown all over Europe.


WNU Editor:
The Russians are getting the message …. Russia scrambles EIGHT jets to intercept three US NUCLEAR-CAPABLE B-52 bombers testing Crimean borders over Ukraine & Black Sea (RT).

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