U.S. Intelligence Warns There Will Be Major Pharmaceutical Shortages If The Pandemic Continues

An employee inspects tablets as they move along the production line at a pharmaceutical plant of Lupin, India’s No. 2 drugmaker, in Verna, in the western state of Goa, India, June 9, 2017.Danish Siddiqui/Reuters, File

ABC News: US ‘likely’ to see shortage of pharmaceutical drugs if coronavirus outbreak continues, intelligence report findsA decrease in generic drugs would hurt low-income and unemployed Americans.

With coronavirus outbreaks continuing to spread across the world, the United States is “likely” to see a shortage of generic pharmaceutical drugs, according to a new federal intelligence report obtained by ABC News.

The report, prepared by the Department of Homeland Security and distributed Thursday to law enforcement and government agencies around the country, warned that the U.S. is already seeing shortages of more than 200 drugs and medical supplies due to strains on the supply chain caused by international shutdowns early on in the pandemic.


WNU Editor: There will be a shortage in generic drugs. Non-generic drugs will be available. The problem will be the high cost in buying them.

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