U.S. Air Force Wants Its Arsenal Plane To Be Able To Launch Long-Range Missiles ‘En Masse’

Lockheed Martin MC-130J. Source: US Air Force

Flight Global: US Air Force requests ideas for arsenal plane to launch long-range missiles ‘en masse’The US Air Force (USAF) is looking for idea for an aircraft prototype that would be able to launch long-range missiles en masse.

The service and the US secretary of defense’s Strategic Capabilities Office are partnering to survey the market for ideas and research technical maturity, feasibility and operational utility of using such an aircraft to launch weapons, says the USAF in a request for information posted online on 25 June. The Department of Defense says it prefers aircraft designs that could quickly enter experimentation and prototyping for rapid development and fielding.


WNU Editor: The critics are stating to weigh in on their objections to an “arsenal plane” …. Five reasons an arsenal plane isn’t the best choice for rebalancing America’s long-range strike forces (Mark Gunzinger, Defense News). More here …. Report: Standoff Weapons and Arsenal Plane No Match for Bombers (Air Force Magazine).

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