Turkish President Erdogan Is Threatening Greece To Concede Over Disputed Mediterranean Territorial Claims Or Suffer The Consequences

Ankara is currently facing off against Greece and Cyprus over oil and gas exploration rights in the eastern Mediterranean

DW: Turkey threatens Greece over disputed Mediterranean territorial claimsPresident Erdogan has issued the warning a day before his forces launch military drills in the region. Locked for weeks in a tense standoff, the crisis is the most serious in Turkish-Greek relations in decades.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday threatened Greece to enter talks over escalating tensions in the eastern Mediterranean or face consequences.

“They will understand that Turkey has the political, economic and military strength to tear up immoral maps and documents,” he said at a hospital’s opening ceremony in Istanbul.

Erdogan was referring to disputed areas claimed by Greece and Cyprus as their exclusive economic maritime zones. All sides have deployed naval and air forces to defend their competing claims in the region.


WNU Editor: To back-up these threats, Turkey is now deploying armoured military units to the Greek border …. Turkey Escalates With Tanks & Armored Troop Carriers Deployed To Greek Border (Zero Hedge).

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