South Korea Is Saying That North Korea Is Waiting For After The US Elections To Resume Talks

Defense News: North Korea waiting for US elections to resume talks, South Korean ambassador saysWASHINGTON ― North Korea is likely waiting until after the U.S. elections to reopen negotiations with Washington over its nuclear arsenal, the South Korean ambassador to the U.S. said Thursday.

“I have a hunch that North Korea is waiting for the November election in the United States because we have only two months left until the election,” Lee Soo-Hyuck said Thursday at a virtual forum. “After the elections, maybe there will be a chance for the United States and North Korea to conduct a negotiation.”

Lee also said Pyongyang, for the time being, has closed the door to dialogue with Seoul.

Since the February 2019 Hanoi Summit failed to reach an agreement, the United States and North Korea have been mired in a diplomatic stalemate with minimal negotiations.


WNU Editor: If Joe Biden wins the US Presidency I do not see the same momentum being put into establishing better relations with North Korea that President Trump did during his term. I would not even be surprised if the situation becomes even more tense, with North Korea resuming long range ballistic missile tests and maybe even nuclear tests.

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