Should American Universities Like Yale, Harvard, Princeton With A Legacy Of Slavery Change Their Names?

Inquisitr: Movement To Rename Yale University Goes Viral On Twitter After It Is Revealed The Founder Was A Slave TraderA movement seeking to “cancel Yale” has gone viral on social media after it was revealed that the founder of the prestigious university, Elihu Yale, was not only a slave owner but also a slave trader. The viral movement comes as the United States faces a growing pressure to address examples of institutional racism following Black Lives Matter protests in honor of George Floyd.

The hashtag that spurred the discussion — #CancelYale — has received more than 50,000 tweets as of Saturday evening. Many of those tweeting about the subject have expressed their shock at the sordid history surrounding the school’s namesake.


Update #1: Conservative Activist Calls To ‘Cancel Yale’ For Being Named After Slave Trader (Zero Hedge)
Update #2: Turning tables: Conservatives ‘call’ to cancel Yale for being named after slave trader (RT)

WNU Editor: Yale is not the only American university with a legacy of slavery. A Democracy Now article from 7 years ago notes that “…many major U.S. universities — Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Rutgers, Williams and the University of North Carolina, among others — are drenched in the sweat, and sometimes the blood, of Africans brought to the United States as slaves.”

So will the mob now march into these universities and topple their statues? Will their leaders incite mass protests as they do elsewhere? Will these universities now change their name? Will our political class denounce these universities if they do not? I am willing to bet that the answer is no. But we are now witnessing the revolution eat its own.

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  1. Shut all those racist universities down now. Any universities founded by slave traders and slave owners should be be shut down now

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