Riots Have Hit 48 Of America’s 50 Largest US Cities

Zero Hedge/Summit News: Riots Have Hit 48 Of America’s 50 Largest US Cities, New Study FindsA new study out of Princeton University reveals that 48 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States have experienced riots associated with the Black Lives Matter movement since late May.

Despite the leftist media’s obsession with calling the fiery violence ‘mostly peaceful’, the data indicates that most cities are seeing some violent unrest.

The intent of the study appears to have been to bolster the ‘mostly peaceful’ narrative, as it notes that the perception of the trouble may have been influenced by “political orientation and biased media framing” as well as “disproportionate coverage of violent demonstrations.”

The findings are difficult to ignore, however, with almost every major city having experienced rioting.


WNU Editor: And what is even more disturbing is that this unrest shows no signs of quieting down.

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