Military And Intelligence News Briefs — June 25, 2020

FILE – A Taiwanese fighter jet flew close to a Chinese H-6 bomber in 2017.

VOA: China Sends 8 Military Planes into Taiwan Airspace; Analysts See Move as Warning to US and Others TAIPEI – Taiwan says Chinese military planes have flown into its air defense space six times in a single week and eight times this month, so far.

Although Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense escorts each aircraft away and alerts the public on an island that has long distrusted China, analysts believe leaders in Beijing are warning people as far away as Washington while helping to train their own troops in case of conflict in Asia.

The U.S. government has saddled China with a 2-year-old trade dispute, accused it of ignoring COVID-19 for too long earlier in the year and sailed its navy vessels in Asian waters to check Chinese expansion.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — June 25, 2020

Three U.S. military planes spotted south of Taiwan — Focus TaiwanReport: Chinese aircraft approached U.S. military plane as it refueled — UPI

Lawmakers seek $6 billion to add weapons to deter China in the Pacific — Warrior Maven

US fighter jets again intercept Russian military aircraft near Alaska — CNN

F-22s Intercept 2 Russian Maritime Patrol Aircraft Near Alaska — Air Force Magazine

F-35 restricted from flying in lightning over fuel system issue — UPI

Air Force arms cargo planes for future attack — FOX News/Warrior Maven

Pentagon Awards Nearly $1 Billion in Drone Contracts to Support Special Forces — Sputnik

U.S. Navy Just Got Its First New F/A-18 Super Hornets — Here Are The Key Upgrades — Forbes

Navy receives first operational CMV-22B Osprey — UPI

USS Eisenhower, USS Jacinto log record-breaking 161 days at sea — UPI

The U.S. Navy Just Landed Another Littoral Combat Ship — National Interest

Dodging Virus, Navy Ships Break Record for Staying at Sea —

Lawsuit alleges scientific misconduct at U.S. nuclear weapons lab — Science Mag

NY Times: Trump Doesn’t Want Vindman Promoted — Newsmax

US Military’s Deployment to the Southern Border Has Been Extended Another Year —

Former Pentagon officials blast Trump for politicizing the military — Yahoo News

Donald Trump says thousands of U.S. troops will move from Germany to Poland as he attacks Angela Merkel’s government for ‘not paying’ for NATO — Daily Mail

The U.S. Military Has a Boogaloo Problem — VICE

USS Gabrielle Giffords, Japanese navy hold exercise in South China Sea — UPI

China warns Japan against new military plans — UPI

Why Japan Is Scrapping Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System — Time

Japan cancels plans to deploy Aegis Ashore systems at 2 sites — UPI

Japan defense minister warns of China military intentions in Asia — Nikkei Asia Review

Nice New Patrol Ship You’ve Got There, Canada—It’d Be A Shame If Somebody Sank It — Forbes

France and Germany Are Working Together to Build a New Super Tank — National Interest

China, India Open New Front of Escalation With Deployment of Heavy Vehicles, Troops in Depsang — Sputnik

Indian army chief visits troops near troubled China border — CTV/AP

India Urges Russia to Deliver Igla-S Missile System ASAP Amid Border Tensions, Media Claims — Sputnik

Does India have the edge over China’s military? Check this out — Yahoo News

North Korea says only option is to ‘counter nuclear with nuclear’ against US — NYPost

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