Is Chinese President Xi Jinping The World’s Most Dangerous Man?

Photo-illustration by Jen Renninger for POLITICO

Michael Schuman, Politico: Why China’s Xi Jinping is the world’s most dangerous manEuropean leaders can no longer afford to ignore Beijing’s aggressive authoritarianism.

HONG KONG — It’s all too easy to blame Donald Trump for the upheaval in current affairs. The U.S. president’s trade wars and hostility toward multilateral institutions are highly visible challenges to the international order that has prevailed since the end of World War II.

Perhaps of greater consequence, but less obvious, are the fundamental changes taking place in China, where President Xi Jinping has similarly veered dramatically from the core principles that governed the country’s political, economic and foreign policies for decades, taking it in a startling new direction.

Xi seems to believe such shifts are necessary to turn China into a superpower capable of throwing its weight around the world stage. The implications could shape global affairs for decades to come. Yet in most European capitals, what Xi has wrought remains only faintly recognized — and that’s a danger not merely to the Continent’s economic and security interests, but also to the very ideals it holds dear.


WNU Editor: Many in Asia already see him as the most dangerous man in the region. Is he the world’s most dangerous man? IMHO he is getting there.

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