Is China’s Three Gorges Dam Near Collapse?

China’s state-run Global Times quoted a local official that said the structure is “safe and in good condition.”

The SUN: WAVE OF DEATH New China cover-up fears with world’s largest dam ‘on brink of collapse risking tidal wave that could wipe out cities’CHINA is facing new cover-up claims amid fears the world’s biggest dam is about to collapse causing a tidal wave which could wipe out entire cities.

Sections of the vast Three Gorges Dam in the central Hubei Province are reported to have moved under enormous pressure sparked by torrential rains.

And concerns were mourning last night that the giant structure could collapse – sending a devastating 250 foot tidal wave surging hundreds of miles.

The 570-foot dam holds back a staggering 39 billion cubic metre reservoir of water so huge that it has a measurable effect on the rotation of the earth.

It is five times the size of America’s famous Hoover Dam and generates eleven times as much electricity, vital to millions of Chinese homes and businesses.


Update: “Rumors Of Structural Faults ​​​​​​​” – China’s Three Gorges Dam Could Be Nearing collapse (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: All my friends in China told me it was a bad monsoon season. There was wide spread flooding, and many dams were under pressure. And while the Chinese government is saying that there was nothing to worry about…. Three Gorges Dam weathers the flood challenge (Asia Times), the pictures that were globally posted showing the floodgates open for the Three Gorges Dam were shocking.

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