In A Major Reversal Twitter Is No Longer Blocking The New York Post Article On Hunter Biden. But The New York Post Twitter Account Is Still Blocked

GOP senators fumed that users were unable to share information from the New York Post about Bidens and alleged secret emails 

 * Twitter on Thursday said it had changed its policies in light of ‘feedback’ over its handling of the Biden Ukraine story 

 * It came after Republicans threatened to subpoena the company and its CEO 

 * Earlier in the week, Twitter stopped people from sharing the NY Post story about Biden and his alleged dealings with a Ukrainian businessman 

 * It also locked multiple Trump-linked accounts which had posted links to it 

 * The company claimed the story violated its policies because it contained ‘private information’ 

 * Facebook also restricted how people shared the story and said it was because they wanted their ‘fact checkers’ to vet it first 

 * There was immediate uproar among Republicans who said the two sites were trying to interfere in the election by protecting Biden 

Twitter is no longer blocking links to the Joe Biden Ukraine story and has now changed its policies to say it will label posts it finds questionable instead of removing them or stopping people from sharing them, after being threatened with subpoenas and investigations by Republicans. 

The about-turn came on Thursday night after an explosive 24 hours during which Trump’s re-election campaign and his White House Press Secretary had their accounts locked for posting links to the Biden story. 

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