IMF Says The Global Economic Collapse Caused By The Pandemic Will Be Even Worse Than Feared

Washington Post: IMF says global economic collapse caused by coronavirus will be even worse than fearedThe International Monetary Fund on Wednesday painted a bleak portrait of the global economy, saying the coronavirus pandemic has caused more widespread damage than expected and will be followed by a sluggish recovery.

The global economy will shrink this year by 4.9%, worse than the 3% decline predicted in April, the IMF said.

No major economy is escaping the pandemic. The U.S. economy, the world’s largest, is expected to shrink this year by 8%. Countries that use the single European currency are headed for a decline of more than 10% while Japanese output will fall by 5.8%, the IMF said.


WNU Editor: If a second wave does occur, even these terrible IMF projections will be regarded as optimistic. Unemployment numbers. Debt levels. Economic contractions. think nightmare scenario.

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