Did This Russian Submarine Violate The Montreaux Convention That Limits The Movement Of Naval Vessels Through The Bosphorus Strait?

A Russian Kilo Class submarine passes by the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü Bridge on the Bosporus, Turkey, on June 23. It is flying the Russian Navy flag. Yörük Işık

Forbes: Russian Submarine Transits Bosporus In Move That Raises Questions Under International TreatyA Russian submarine passed through Turkey on Tuesday in a maneuver that appears to stretch the terms of the longstanding Montreux Convention, a treaty that limits the movement of naval vessels between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The Russian Navy has made similar moves before, using a clause in the terms to conduct combat operations in the Mediterranean. It is becoming a pattern. If these moves go unchecked it could change the balance of power in the region, making Russia more powerful in the Mediterranean.

The submarine was photographed by Yörük Işık, a highly respected ship spotter who lives in Istanbul. There is no mistaking that this is a Kilo Class submarine. Only Russia operates this type of submarine in the Black Sea. Romania also has a sole example on its lists but that hasn’t been active in decades so it cannot be that.


WNU Editor:
The Russian Ministry of Defense is stating that the Rostov-on-Don submarine was transiting the Bosporus for “scheduled repairs” which by the terms of the Montreux Convention does allow transit for repairs.

Yeah. OK.

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