Chinese State Media Says China Will Respond If President Trump Launches A Military Strike On Chinese Islands And Reefs In The South China Sea

Global Times: As China ‘will definitely retaliate’ military provocation, experts warn US not to escalate tensions The increasing tensions between China and the US, the worsening COVID-19 epidemic situation, as well as the declining approval ratings of US President Donald Trump have raised concerns, among strategists and experts, of a military conflict between the two nuclear-armed powers caused by the dangerous US attempts.

Chinese experts said on Tuesday that China could be restrained on retaliating to new US provocations on politics, diplomacy or economy, because Chinese policymakers will not let the Trump administration use them for his reelection, and will wait for the presidential election result to decide how to respond.


Update: China’s Military “Will Definitely Retaliate” If Trump Stages October Surprise: State-Run GT (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: The US is not going to launch an attack. But what concerns me is that for the past few months Chinese state media has been ginning up a war narrative with the US. To put this in perspective. I have not seen them behave like this in decades.

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