China’s State Media Says ‘China Must Be Ready For A Potential War’


Hu Xijin, Global Times: China must be militarily and morally ready for a potential warChinese people don’t want war, but we have territorial disputes with several neighboring countries instigated by the US to confront China. Some of these countries believe that the US support provides them with a strategic opportunity and try to treat China outrageously. They believe that China, under the US’ strategic pressure, is afraid, unwilling or unable to engage in military conflict with them. Thus they want to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. Considering that there is also the Taiwan question, the risk of the Chinese mainland being forced into a war has risen sharply in recent times.

Oftentimes, the less we want war, the more prominent the above-mentioned dilemma becomes. Chinese society must therefore have real courage to engage calmly in a war that aims to protect core interests, and be prepared to bear the cost. In that way, China’s comprehensive strength can be effectively transformed into a strategic deterrence against all kinds of provocateurs.

As long as the outside world can feel such true will from China, it might in turn help us avoid a war.


Update: China’s Global Times Warns: “China Must Be Ready For A Potential War” (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: China seems to be in a rush to prepare for war …. China To Fast-Track Its Third Aircraft Carrier; Expected To Be Launched By End Of 2020 (Eurasian Times). These warnings and threats from China are having an impact on countries like Taiwan …. Taiwan’s computer war games simulate invasion by People’s Liberation Army (SCMP).

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