CEOs Of Apple, Google, Facebook, And Amazon Face Congress

Daily Mail: ‘We have a word for that: monopoly.’ Mark Zuckerberg’s emails boasting about buying competitors and plotting to buy Instagram because it ‘can hurt us meaningfully’ are revealed at tech CEO hearing – as conservatives slam giants for ‘bias’* Congressman Joe Neguse revealed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s emails at Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee on antitrust laws where he details the company’s goal to ‘neutralize potential competitors’
* ‘We have a word for that – that word is monopoly,’ The Democratic representative said
* Zuckerberg, who joined the hearing virtually, said his conversation with a senior Facebook engineer where he mentioned not being able to purchase Google yet was just a ‘joke’
* In the email chain, Zuckerberg said he wanted to weed out competitors that could be ‘disruptive’ to Facebook
* Zuckerberg, as well as Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Google’s Sundar Pichai, faced off with lawmakers in a virtual hearing on antitrust laws and competition in the tech space
* Republican Rep. Jim Jordan came out in full force against big tech companies
* ‘I’ll just cut to the chase, big tech’s out to get conservatives,’ the Ohio representative alleged
* ‘Conservatives are consumers too,’ Jim Sensenbrenner, Ranking Member of the Antitrust Subcommittee, said
* President Donald Trump said earlier in the day that he will be ‘closely’ monitoring the hearing where the four CEOs will argue they compete with each other and others
* ‘There’s no question that what the big tech companies are doing is very bad,’ Trump lamented to reporters on Wednesday

The CEOs of the four biggest tech firms faced Congress as one Wednesday – and came under fire from both sides, accused of running monopolies, trampling small businesses and would-be competitors and censoring conservatives.

Democratic Representative Joe Neguse accused during Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a monopoly in the tech marketplace, pointing to his company purchasing or more successfully imitating its competition.

‘You did tell one of Facebook’s senior engineers in 2012 that you can, quote ‘Likely just buy any competitive start up, but it will be a while until we can buy Google.’ Do you recall writing that?’ Neguse asked of the Facebook co-founder.


WNU Editor:
I am surprised that Microsoft was not invited.

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