Bannon Says Everything Reported In Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Is True And Reveals How Lawyer For Biden’s Son Tried To Get Hard Drive Back


 * Steve Bannon said Sunday everything found on Hunter Biden’s lap top is true 

 * ‘Joe Biden has lied about this for years,’ the former White House strategist said 

 * He also revealed that Hunter Biden’s lawyer tried desperately to get the hard drive back after it was left at a lap top repair shop with his water damaged Mac 

 * Bannon also revealed Sunday that if Trump fails to win a second White House term he will run again in 2024 

 * ‘You’re not going to see the end of Donald Trump,’ he said 

 * Bannon was recently arrested for federal money-laundering 

Steve Bannon said Sunday everything that has come to light from Hunter Biden’s hard drive is true as he paints Joe Biden as a ‘stone cold liar’ after revelations show deep financial ties between the Biden’s and Chinese Communist Party. 

‘Joe Biden has lied about this for years,’ Bannon told Sky News in an interview Sunday. 

‘What Fox did, which was very interesting on that issue but also on the Chinese – they actually went to the people on the emails and contacted them. What was so stunning is that they reported last night that one, the guys on the emails said absolutely the meetings happened. This is not off of some Russia intelligence operation. That emails correct, the meanings correct and, by the way, that 10 per cent of the equity is Joe Biden’s,’ Bannon said. 

WNU Editor: Steve Bannon says that he will release everything in the coming days. My advice is that he should release everything now. My prediction. My gut tells me that more details and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop will be released a day or two before Thursday’s US Presidential debate. My gut is also telling me that if they had more explosive information and details involving the former Vice-President directly. They would have released it by now.

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