Attacks On Abolitionist Statues Are Attacks On American Values

Avery Bower, American Spectator: Attacks on Abolitionist Statues Are Attacks on American ValuesProtesters topple a statue of abolitionist Hans Christian Heg. Will they ever be satisfied?

A statue of Civil War hero and abolitionist Col. Hans Christian Heg in Madison, Wisconsin, was the latest to fall victim to the wave of vandalism and destruction across the country driven by protests over the death of George Floyd. A noted abolitionist, immigrant, and leader of a Wisconsin anti-slave-catcher militia, Heg gave his life in the Battle of Chickamauga to end slavery.

The toppling of Col. Hans Christian Heg’s statue is just another in a string of incidents across the country caused by protesters who seek to eradicate racism by destroying history. Initially in response to the slaying of George Floyd, these protests have spiraled into vandalism and the tearing down of Confederate statues. In recent weeks, protesters have moved on to tearing down and defacing statues of not racist, white supremacists, but noted abolitionists and champions of civil rights. In a vision where the past is open to revision, protesters have begun attacking those that embody America’s highest values.


WNU Editor: The above author is 100% correct. The attack on the statue of Matthias W. Baldwin two weeks ago is the one that got my attention (see video below).

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