Are Belarus’ Protests Going To Fail?

People attend an opposition rally to reject the presidential election results in Minsk, Belarus October 4, 2020. REUTERS/Stringer 

Although demonstrations in Minsk continue to attract large turnouts each week, the authorities have proven more successful in stifling protests outside of the capital. 

As Belarus enters its second month of mass protests and violent crackdowns, exiled opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is calling for a renewed push to force out longtime President Alexander Lukashenko. On Tuesday, she issued a “people’s ultimatum” demanding Lukashenko resign, halt violence against peaceful protestors, and release political prisoners.

“If our demands are not met by October 25, the entire country will peacefully take the streets with the People’s Ultimatum,” Tikhanovskaya said in a statement. “And on October 26, a national strike of all enterprises, the blocking of all roads, and a collapse in sales at state stores will begin.” 

WNU Editor: Winter is just around the corner. No one wants to protest when it is -20C outside.

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