Another Leak Reported Aboard Britain’s £3.1bn Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince of Wales

A water leak led to three feet of flooding on board HMS Prince of Wales, pictured, though none of the ship’s crew were injured 

 * HMS Prince of Wales suffered a leak in the £3.1-billion vessel’s engine room 

 * It is the second time the new aircraft carrer has suffered a leak this year 

 * Members of the ship’s crew filmed the water cascading into the compartment 

 * None of the vessel’s crew were injured 

Britain’s newest aircraft carrier flooded to the depth of 3ft after a water leak in the engine room. 

It is the second time HMS Prince of Wales – a £3.1billion state-of-the-art ship – has flooded in the past five months. 

Footage filmed by crew members showed water gushing down the stairs and submerging electrical cabinets and pipes.

WNU Editor: This is the second time that a leak has occurred aboard the HMS Prince of Wales this year. 

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