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Watch NASA’s Perseverance Land in Jezero Crater on Mars – Sky & Telescope

A high-resolution shade HazCam picture reveals the shadow of the Perseverance rover forged throughout Jezero Crater.
NASA / JPL-Caltech

After a tremendous sky-hook touchdown in Jezero Crater on Mars, Perseverance is waking up and starting to discover its new alien residence.

“For many who surprise the way you land on Mars — or why it’s so troublesome — or how cool it could be to take action — you want look no additional,” says appearing NASA administrator Steve Jurczyk. “Perseverance is simply getting began, and already has supplied among the most iconic visuals in area exploration historical past.”

The pinpoint touchdown for Perseverance in Jezero Crater occurred on February 18th at 3:44 p.m. EST (20:44 UT). This marks NASA’s second profitable sky-crane touchdown on Mars following Curiosity’s landing in 2012.

The information of the touchdown traversed the 11 light-minute distance from Mars to Earth, relayed by way of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and the Mars Ambiance and Unstable Evolution (MAVEN) mission to NASA’s Deep House Community. Over the continuing days, the European House Company’s Hint Gasoline Orbiter and NASA’s venerable Mars Odyssey have been additionally invaluable in getting information from Perseverance again to Earth.

Along with appearing as relay, MRO’s onboard digicam additionally captured the touchdown in motion. (MRO snapped the same picture of Curiosity simply earlier than touchdown in 2012.)

HiRISE nabs Perseverance underneath its parachute (inset) headed in direction of touchdown. (circled).
NASA/JPL-Caltech/College of Arizona

MRO additionally snapped the Perseverance touchdown zone in Jezero Crater from orbit:

The Jezero Crater area, with the warmth defend, descent stage, again shell and rover annotated.
NASA / JPL-Caltech / College of Arizona.

However the perfect was but to return. This previous weekend, NASA launched a tremendous picture of Perseverance suspended beneath the sky crane, taken from the cameras aboard the descent stage. This hinted at what NASA launched right this moment: a full video of the touchdown.

The views proven within the video beneath come from a digicam trying down from the spacecraft’s descent stage, a digicam on the rover trying up on the descent stage, a digicam on the highest of the aeroshell trying up on the parachute, and a digicam on the underside of the rover trying down on the Martian floor.

The positions of the touchdown cameras.

Secure on the Floor of Mars

The very first photographs for Perseverance have been low-resolution, black-and-white pictures from the Hazard Cameras (Hazcams) beneath the rover, exhibiting the alien terrain. (Swipe together with your mouse or just transfer your cellular machine cellular to see the complete 360-degree view.)

The workforce at JPL is now settling into ‘Mars time’ for operations, with a day simply 37 minutes longer than Earth’s. Over the previous weekend, pyrotechnics have been activated to launch and deploy the mast, which is provided with the zoomable Mastcam-Z, the laser instrument often known as SuperCam, and one other cluster of NavCams.

The uncooked pictures additionally began to trickle in, obtainable on the Perseverance web site. Already, we’re seeing Perseverance’s aluminum wheels, able to kick up some Martian filth:

A HazCam seize of one in every of Perseverance’s six wheels.

And the “video” that circulated this previous weekend, purporting to incorporate the primary sounds from Mars? It’s a hoax. Perseverance does embrace two microphones nevertheless, which did certainly seize the primary true sounds recorded on Mars, launched by the workforce right this moment. Maybe, this simply reveals how anxious individuals have been for NASA to launch updates from Perseverance over the weekend!

Subsequent up, Perseverance will carry out a number of battery cost exams on the Ingenuity helicopter at the moment berthed on the underside of the rover, mentioning the cost to 30% a number of instances. The rover is plutonium-powered, however Ingenuity will depend on solar energy as soon as it’s by itself. The workforce expects to put Ingenuity down on the floor of Mars in a month or two, in preparation for its first flight. Ingenuity’s preliminary sortie will signify the primary flight of a helicopter mission on one other world.

Ingenuity underneath Perseverance throughout the first deployment take a look at.
NASA / JPL-Caltech

Perseverance is the primary mission to explicitly handle the query of whether or not life as soon as existed on Mars, and the traditional flood plain in Jezero is a perfect web site to start the search. Look ahead to Perseverance to flex its robotic arm and carry out its first brief take a look at drive within the coming weeks. Throughout its year-long nominal mission (that is a Mars 12 months: 668 sols or 687 Earth days), Perseverance will gather and cache samples of Martian regolith. Within the coming years, a sample-return mission will arrive on Mars to gather these samples.

If Perseverance survives over the subsequent decade or so (a definite risk, with its nuclear energy supply), it’d simply witness the subsequent touchdown on Mars: a pattern return spacecraft, which might landing close by.


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