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Perseverance Mars rover: tips on how to show whether or not there’s life on the crimson planet

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Samantha Rolfe, Lecturer in Astrobiology and Principal Technical Officer at Bayfordbury Observatory, College of Hertfordshire

We’ll quickly have the ability to correctly begin asking the query: “Are we alone within the universe?” NASA’s subsequent main mission, the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, will land on the floor on February 18. Following a advanced touchdown process, it can get began on one among its foremost targets — trying to find life on Mars.

The rover has two methods of gathering samples. It could both analyse them with its on-board laboratory or it will possibly save them for return to Earth by future missions. However what precisely is it in search of, and what would it not want to seek out to persuade us that there’s certainly previous or current life?

If the touchdown is profitable, this would be the first mission in many years to actively seek for direct proof of life on Mars. This life — if it exists — will more than likely take the type of extinct microbes.

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We have now lately discovered some tantalising hints on the chance for present life within the type of methane fuel within the environment. On Earth, a big proportion of methane within the environment is produced by organic processes. Which means that methane might be thought-about a organic signature. However it will also be readily produced by geological processes, so it’s not proof of life.

Are living organisms producing methane on Mars?

Reside organisms producing methane on Mars? (Picture credit score: NASA)

There are lots of molecules which are solely made by terrestrial biology, similar to isoprene or DNA. So discovering one thing like these would permit us to maneuver towards the conclusion that life exists or existed on Mars. If Perseverance does discover such molecules, we could have the tougher job of proving it was native to Mars and never a microbial hitchhiker from Earth. To assist us work that out, the rover will first run “management experiments” with no pattern. If the molecules are there in these experiments, they’re more likely to be terrestrial contamination on the rover itself.

Refined devices

That stated, if we discover molecules that aren’t readily produced by customary chemical reactions on Mars, we is perhaps onto one thing biologically alien. One of many devices that can be used to seek for biosignatures on Mars is SHERLOC (Scanning Liveable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemical compounds). It’ll use an ultraviolet laser mild to probe samples from a protected distance of about 5cm. This manner it reduces the prospect of contaminating the samples whereas measuring the mirrored mild for proof of organic molecules.

This works as a result of every molecule kind displays the sunshine in a singular manner, permitting us to find out with a excessive diploma of certainty that we have now discovered one thing like amino acids (which construct proteins) or lipids (which construct cell partitions). These molecules are recognized to persist within the atmosphere after different organic molecules like DNA have been damaged down and are not detectable.

Perseverance may also carry the SuperCam instrument, which might shoot a laser to a distance of round seven metres. It could analyse the ensuing mud cloud for proof of rock sorts that would protect clues to previous life. This helps slim down places that is perhaps finest to research extra totally with out having to take the time to drive to them.

The rover will store rock and soil samples in sealed tubes on the planet's surface for future missions to retrieve.

The rover will retailer rock and soil samples in sealed tubes on the planet’s floor for future missions to retrieve. (Picture credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Rock samples from a depth of round 5cm may also be collected and saved in sealed containers for a future mission to gather. The evaluation we will conduct on Earth is many instances extra exact and detailed than the devices we will ship to Mars. Plus we will do a number of sorts of study in a number of labs around the globe, permitting for higher general outcomes. For instance, if proof for extinct life is suspected to be preserved in a pattern, we might use electron microscopy (which makes use of electrons reasonably than mild to probe a pattern) to try to see if it incorporates fossilized microbial cells.

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All of this depends upon our very slim understanding of what life is. We solely learn about one form of life — the terrestrial sort. Our experiments are trying to find life inside our present information. It’s all the time attainable that life past our present understanding exists, maybe silicon-based reasonably than carbon-based. Perseverance is not more likely to detect such life even when it is thriving on Mars.

Until one thing will get up and strikes in entrance of the digital camera, acquiring conclusive proof seemingly be a protracted course of, particularly whereas we wait to analyse these cached samples. If we discover even a touch of proof for all times, the following steps can be to detect it with a number of analytical strategies, present that it is not contamination from Earth and work out whether or not the proof make sense within the context of the atmosphere and knowledge from the opposite devices.

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Any proof for all times should undergo the rigorous scientific strategy of testing, re-testing and peer overview. What’s extra, Perseverance is just conducting evaluation in one crater on Mars.

However different missions within the seek for life, together with the European House Company’s Rosalind Franklin rover, aren’t far behind. Excitingly, Rosalind Franklin would be the first to drill as much as 2m underneath the tough, freezing Martian floor. If there’s any present life on Mars, we is perhaps extra more likely to discover it deeper beneath the floor, which is consistently bombarded with dangerous radiation.

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