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Big reservoir of contemporary water discovered beneath the ocean off Hawaii

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Lava rock and shoreline close to Pueo Bay, Hawaii

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An enormous cache of contemporary water discovered beneath the ocean ground off the western coast of Hawaii’s Huge Island might carry the specter of drought for folks residing there.

Eric Attias on the College of Hawaii and his colleagues found the reservoir, which is contained in porous rock reaching at the least 500 metres beneath the ocean ground, utilizing an imaging approach just like an MRI scan.

They used a ship towing a 40-metre-long antenna behind it to generate an electromagnetic area, sending an electrical present via the ocean and beneath the ocean ground. As seawater is a greater conductor than contemporary water, the group might distinguish between the 2. They discovered that the reservoir extends at the least four kilometres from the coast and incorporates 3.5 cubic kilometres of contemporary water.


Most of Hawaii’s contemporary water comes from onshore aquifers, that are layers of rock and soil underground that accumulate water after rainfall. The group believes that this newfound reservoir is replenished by water flowing out of those aquifers.

Local weather change has result in rising droughts in lots of locations, which might depart some areas with out water. In Hawaii, decreased rainfall and the destruction of forests might imply the onshore aquifers finally dry up.

Not solely would the offshore reservoir assist relieve drought, it could even be simpler to pump from than the onshore aquifers, as a result of the water is beneath excessive strain. Accessing it will even have minimal influence on surrounding ecosystems, says Attias.

Related caches of water could also be situated off different volcanic islands, says the group, which might present a aid for different locations threatened by water shortage attributable to local weather change.

New sources of contemporary water are usually found by drilling to extract samples, however the brand new imaging approach utilized by Attias and his colleagues might make this course of simpler and cheaper, says Kerry Key at Columbia College in New York.

Journal reference: Science Advances, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abd4866

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