Why I Left Islam

From a young age in mosque I was taught that Islam meant peace, and that Mohammed was a perfect, infallible man; during these times I read the Quran in Arabic, and had no idea what any of it meant, as I hadn’t read a translation. I just assumed that it was all peaceful, I was completely oblivious to the systemic anti-Semitism, hatred against non-believers, and the commands for a caliphate through violent subjugation of non-believers; this was obfuscated by the Muslim clerics. Furthermore, it was indoctrinated in me that anyone who mentions this is a Muslim-hater, and the neologism “Islamophobia” was continually perpetuated, which is to silence criticism of Sharia oppression and violence against the “Kuffar”, in order to establish the ideal caliphate which Mohammed had instructed. He claimed that ‘’I have been made victorious through terror’’. In the next paragraph I will begin describing my journey and how I eventually left Islamo-fascism to find the light and true peace of the saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

During my years, in secondary school I was accustomed to the behaviour of my community, and how violent and degrading they would be. I was sworn at, brutally attacked with a compass, for two years. This was all during the time when I was a Muslim; the problem of Muslim gangs operating in schools is also another essential issue. However, the authorities were very reluctant to do anything, due to political correctness and appeasement of the Islamic community. When I moved to my next secondary school, I was emotionally bullied again by Muslims, and they would isolate me in order to act superior; by the way, they were fanatical supporters of the left-wing Labour Party in the UK, which was led by the vehement anti-Semite and jihadi ally Jeremy Corbyn. Again, the same process occurred, where the bullies would deny their behaviour, and the case would be closed. Moreover, at home my father was very abusive towards my mother. Even though she worked hard to bring him to this county, he was very unappreciative; he never contributed to our finances, and always sent his money to Kashmir. One day my grandfather became ill and my mother wanted to see him for the last time, but my abusive father stopped her and my uncle even justified it where he said in Islamic law “a woman can’t travel anywhere without her husband’’, unfortunately my grandfather passed away, and this reasoning of Islamic law made me even more furious.

As I had an interest in politics, I would continually watch individuals such as Tommy Robinson. In school we were taught that he was a far-right extremist, which he was not. Muslim councillors also propagated this belief. I had an interest in what he said about Islam, and then I researched it, and to my surprise, everything he said was true, but you couldn’t discuss it with your mosque leaders or family due to severe backlash. Through my interest in researching Islam, I came across David Wood’s YouTube channel, and spent time watching what he said. He used the primary Islamic sources which were the basis for the actions of the Islamic extremists, and I was quite surprised that I had never heard of this before. At first I thought he was a liar, but everything became clear and was true. Then I became aware of an essential individual within the counter-jihad movement, Robert Spencer. I brought a lot of his books, including The History of Jihad; The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades); The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran; The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies); The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran and The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, along with The Truth About Muhammad and Did Muhammad Exist?. Robert was perhaps the most influential person to expose the threat and insurgency of Islamic supremacy, and wants to prevent a totalitarian Islamic theocracy; being reasonably minded, I knew that Robert wasn’t hateful, as the leftist media and Jihadi propaganda tried to make him out, as well as others. He truly cared for freedom and secularism and wanted Muslims to see the truth.

In addition, as I became aware of this barbarism, and paedophilia within this fascistic , expansionist ideology, I began to discuss it with friends and family. One of the main arguments was that the offensive passages were taken out of context, so I asked in which context was it all right to rape female captives and girls, to violently subjugate non-believers and implement a caliphate, to impose the jizya, to burn and behead apostates, just as Mohammed did, as well as his successor Abu Bakr, to oppress women and have slaves, among other barbaric practices which were seen as “sunnah”. I realised there was no freedom within Islam, and I just received abuse from some of my family members. They found it inflammatory that I aligned my views with Tommy Robinson and others; they didn’t respond except with anger. Furthermore, I used to watch Islamic apologists including Ali Dawah and Adnan Rashid, and I thought they were good debaters, until I saw them using ad hominem, denial  and jokes as if those things would refute Robert’s claims on Islam. I lost trust in them when they cowered from debates with Robert. This conveyed that they were completely afraid for their views, and their deception tactics, to get exposed, and this gave me more confidence in Robert. When I socialised with Muslims at work, I saw through their dialogue that they were very anti-Hindu and anti-Jewish. They wanted Pakistan to obliterate India and finance Kashmiri jihadists; I wondered how anyone could have this mentality. As I researched Islam more, it was clear that they wanted Mohammed’s prophecy to be fulfilled (Ghazwa-e-Hind), which was the infiltration and conquering of India to establish Islam. This was also parallel to the hadith where Mohammed states “the final hour won’t come until Muslims kill Jews’’. This type of hatred was openly endorsed within the Labour Party, which Muslim councillors within the city I live in support.

Moreover, I learnt about the wife beating in (4:34) and wondered how Mohammed can be thought to be a moral man. He also had sex slaves, which is reinforced in Qur’an 4:24. This was the climactic point where I knew Islam was not for me. I discovered that Jesus Christ was more forgiving and peaceful. In one incident, a woman who committed adultery came to him and he forgave her, whereas when a woman who had committed adultery came to Mohammed, he ordered for her to be stoned. Jesus was truly peaceful and loving, whereas Mohammed was sadistic. The tenets that Mohammed proposed have been emulated across the world in Islamic states: Iran reduced the age of consent for marriage to 9 years old, many Islamic countries degrade women and stone women who are accused of adultery. How is this peaceful or out of context? ISIS , Boko Haram, and many other armed Jihadist groups have all been emulating Mohammed, and moderate Muslims keep telling us they don’t represent Islam. Guess what? They DO. There are many secular Muslims who just want to get on with their lives, and pray, fast and do Eid; apart from that they are not really religious. No one has a problem with this. The problem is, however, what are they doing to impede the extremists? There were many peaceful Germans, but they did nothing to stop Hitler. Hitler was also a fanatic of Islam, he referred to the battle where Charles Martel fought the Ottomans, he wished the Muslims had succeeded so Germany would be Islamic. He was also friends with the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini. So when people use the word “Nazi” to silence critics of Islam, remember that Hitler loved Islam, therefore those opposing Islam are not Nazis. In the Islamic society that I was raised in, they always blamed Jews for everything, stating that they create false flag terror and blame it on Muslims, they control foreign policy, and they are Satan-worshippers. These beliefs disturbed me quite a lot. However, when someone criticizes Islam, Muslims will quickly play the victim card. Yet some Muslims that I knew and many mainstream Muslim leaders make derogatory remarks about Hindus and Jews, but are afraid of any criticism themselves. I found this horrific belief system outrageous. In mosques they would teach that “Hamas will destroy Israel” and call on people to support the Kashmir Jihadis financially or going to fight them. These views were not challenged at all; when I contacted councillors and Members of Parliament to research about Islam and to deal with mosques that expose hate, I would be blocked, ignored, or attacked with ad hominems. The censorship is incredible. Some of the moderate Muslims councillors support Sharia, and when challenged, they are silent and block comments and ignore their critics, whilst pushing their agenda to deceive.  I began to see the mentality of some Muslims within my community. There was a man who I worked with who made derogatory remarks about a Muslim female teenager when a sex tape was revealed; he was happy about it and said “Shame,” and yet was sharing it with others. So did many others; this is currently the mentality. The town I’m from has become a no-go zone. Recently a white family had to be moved from their home after being severely beaten by Muslims, and the police did not even investigate or press charges. Moderate Muslims are outraged when we expose Islam and the reasoning behind the terrorist attacks, and rape of infidels, yet they are more angry at us for being “Islamophobic” than dealing with the grooming gang pandemic.

Islam has violently subjugated non-believers for 14 centuries, invading from India to Spain, to Constantinople, North Africa and Europe. The way to defeat it at the moment is the battle of ideas, to expose and tell the truth, as the truth defeats falsehood. However, the levels of censorship are high, and so is the level of appeasement from authorities. Moderate Muslims aren’t doing much to combat extremism within their mosques. Mohammed not only waged war with non-believers, but also with the “hypocrites,’’ which are the Muslims that are not Islamic, e.g they don’t pray and they listen to music. Mohammed stated that “whoever doesn’t pray in the mosque, burn him with a flamethrower.” How is this peaceful?

I couldn’t stand this brutal dogma anymore, and decided to find the passion, resurrection, and love of Lord Jesus Christ. I want to salute and bow to all the people on the counter-jihad movement, including Tommy Robinson, David Wood, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and many others. It takes huge courage to stand for the truth, I have faced many consequences including losing work and friends, but I will not be silenced.

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