what do you guys think about the contreversy of the muslim youtuber daud kim? : islam

It’s slander. There is only one witness. There needs to be four reliable witnesses or a good amount of accurate and clear evidences for muslims to believe that it’s true. The only ‘evidence’ she has on him is an ambiguous video from the living room. If she was actually being raped, why did her friend film him instead of moving him away or calling the police. They kicked him out after taking the video, because that’s what they wanted from him in the first place. She didn’t go through with suing him, because her evidences were not believable, so she decided to defame him instead.

Edit: I just saw her response to Daud Kim’s Apology video. It’s disgusting! She’s using him for clout! She’s literally rolling her eyes when she showed the defamation video. Saying that. “I couldn’t find a good Lawyer”. She means that she couldn’t find a lawyer who can make this accusation valid with the non reliable video. Saying things like “Korean Police are useless”, because they didn’t believe her bad lies. Lol even lying that he was a muslim in 2018. When he actually reverted 2019. If she only knew that muslims don’t drink alcohol, she would’ve made her story at least a little more believable. Then, she ends her message with “😁✌🏽”

One thought on “what do you guys think about the contreversy of the muslim youtuber daud kim? : islam

  1. as someone who live in korea for 5 year. i can support her claim that police didn’t take her case seriously.

    rape assault against foreigner rarely prosecuted in Korea. lots of foreigner got raped in korea but their case never got processed. check Airdre Mattner, for example. the best they can do like in daud kim case is to forced both victim and culprint to signed a doc acknowledging that the crime did happen and that it.

    south korea maybe look advanced from the outside but the justice system is flawed, check defamation case to see how scary it is to have legal battle against korean for foreigner

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