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Salam. So after this whole lockdown is over, I hope to visit Morocco and from there set off on a journey to Malaysia (The furthest East, Muslim country). I hope to see as many Muslim countries as I can, I may have to miss some, such as Libya, Syria and Yemen due to their civil wars. Not too sure how safe Somalia and Afghanistan are but certain areas seem to have tourists.

I’m just wondering if I could get some advice. Online I’ve read that on average, to travel the world you would need £24k for a mid-range trip. Since I don’t really intend to visit outside the Muslim world and the most expensive parts of my trip would be visas/flights and accomodation. So I feel, that half of that should be enough to see me through. I also don’t intend to stay in 5 star hotels or in luxury. I want to visit these countries and live how the people in these countries live (If that made any sense).

I plan to visit as many historical sites (Since I’m a bit of a history nerd). Pray in as many mosques I can. Meet as many people as I can and help as many people as I can.

So far my list and the way I’d go is. Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia-Sudan-Ethiopia(Not a Muslim country, but I’d like to stop by)-Somaliland(Heard it’s much safer than the rest of Somalia)-Hejaz-Jordan-Palestine-Lebanon-Cyprus(Turkish side)-Turkey-Iran-Azerbaijan-Afghanistan-Pakistan(Home sweet home)-Kyrgystan-Tajikistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-Bangladesh-Indonesia-Malaysia.

On the way back visit the Maldives-Gulf nations (I’m not too bothered if I skip this and save money for other places, the gulf doesn’t appeal to me too much)-Comoros Islands-Albania-Bosnia and Herzegovina and the city of Zanzibar, Tanzania.


So it seems I’ll be missing out Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan due to civil wars. Somalia and Mali due to them not being safe to visit at the moment.

Not sure about Senegal, Chad, Niger or Mauritania. As I still need to do more research for them.

The main purpose for me to do this is because we live in a time, were on the media. Our ummah is vilified by some and our faith is misinterpreteted by others. I want to see how Muslims from their respective countries live and see the beauty of all these countries. But most importantly, I wish to see what’s wrong with these countries and how we can work to help improve them.

Where would you recommend to visit? Do you think £12k would be enough to travel on? Any specific places to check out?

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