“Turkish & Muslim Hackers” hijack Jerusalem Post website, fill it with Qur’an verses and jihad propaganda

Last month, it emerged that Iran had launched a cyberattack on Israel’s water authority sites. The “Iranian hackers used American computer servers to launch their attack.” The attack was fended off. “Israel has an advanced cyber security apparatus and fends off of thousands of cyber attacks on a daily basis.”

And in late May, 300 Israeli websites were hacked and defaced with a “clip of Tel Aviv burning” and the words “Be ready for a big surprise.” The Times of Israel reported that “the website attack was linked by one expert to an activist group with ties to Turkey, North African countries and the Gaza Strip.”

In both the cyberattacks on the Jerusalem Post and on the 300 Israeli websites, connections to Turkey were noted, at a time when Turkey is becoming an increasing threat and menace to Israel.

“Jerusalem Post website hijacked by Islamist hackers,” by David Rosenberg, Israel National News,  June 21, 2020:

The website for The Jerusalem Post was hijacked by Turkish Islamist hackers Sunday afternoon.

The hackers, who identified themselves simply as “Turkish & Muslim Hackers”, replaced the site’s content with a single page featuring the star and crescent of the Turkish flag, alongside verses from the Quran and Islamist propaganda.

“Don’t Forget ! Al-Quds is Our Red Line,” the page reads in part. “Free Muslims & Free Palestine & Free East Turkestan.”

At the bottom of the page, the hackers derided Israel as the “Chief Devil”, while comparing the Jewish state to the European Union, the United Nations, the US, and China.

The website was later restored Sunday afternoon.

Earlier this month, Islamist hackers launched “OpIsrael”, an annual effort targeting Israeli and Jewish cyber targets………

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