Toppling of Grant Statue Shows the Vandals’ True Agenda

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Ulysses S. Grant detested slavery and when he married Julia Dent and inherited a slave from her family, even though he was quite poor at the time and a slave could have brought him a nice sum of money at auction, he freed the slave immediately.

As commander of all Union forces in the Civil War, when he learned that the Confederates were not treating captured black Union soldiers as ordinary prisoners, indeed were killing them immediately, he made it known through the lines of communication that existed between Union and Confederate sources that if such continued he would shoot captured Confederate soldiers on sight. The Confederacy forthwith stopped killing captured black Union soldiers.

When President (1869-1877), Grant almost completely destroyed the Ku Klux Klan by way of the Force Acts, 1870-1871. He ultimately failed in this noble endeavor but not for want of trying.

Frederick Douglass, a black slave in in his early life in Maryland before he escaped from his servitude and who, effectively, was brought up as an animal, not even knowing for certain the year of his birth (probably 1818), taught himself how to read letter by letter (as detailed in his magnificent autobiography that is one of the greatest autobiographies in the English language), asserted unambiguously that President Grant was the greatest friend of black Americans.

That this Grant statue was torn down reveals the following: 1) Those who did it are despicable human beings; 2) Those who did it are profoundly ignorant of history; and 3) Those who did it really want the destruction of the United States of America as we know it.

Enough already with the faux sympathy for George Floyd. He should not have died the way he did but his death is now being used as an excuse by the forces of the Far Left to destroy America as we know it—to insure permanent Democratic Party control (sadly, the Democratic Party of old is no more and is now a catalyst for destroying the greatest polity, with all its faults, ever created by man, and one knows this by now or should know it), by way of no borders, sanctuary cities, eliminating the Electoral College, making a distinction between free speech and hate speech, gutting the Second Amendment, et al.

We stand at a precipice whereby America could be destroyed by the forces of the Far Left. This would include Black Lives Matter which is a thuggish, Marxist, racist, anti-capitalist, America-hating, Israel-hating organization.

That President Grant has been “pulled down” means that anyone or anything can be pulled down if one does not agree with the control-freakish, deeply aberrant, profoundly ignorant Far Left, whose greatest success so far has been more or less taking over one of the two major political parties here in America.

There is no excuse, NO EXCUSE, for any reasonable and informed person to any longer remain a Democrat. NO EXCEPTIONS because the Democratic Party, led by utter fools like Pelosi and Schumer, serves now as the main route for the destruction of all of America. It’s the conduit for this monumental iniquitous scheme.

The Republican Party leaves much to be desired, though there are stalwart Republicans like Jordan, Nunes, Cotton, Elder, Owens and Gaetz, as well as Trump, but the Democratic Party has now become an enemy of America and one knows this or should know it. It is the principal “avenue” at present by which the Far Left means to destroy America, and by way of such foolish or malevolent Democrats as AOC, Omar, Tlaib and Schiff, with the pathetic and senile Biden as a figurehead.

One knows all this I stated above or should know it. If Grant were still here, he would. No doubt. No doubt whatsoever.

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