Three gay men identified as murder victims in Libyan migrant’s stabbing spree in Reading

Here is another piece of the puzzle concerning the Reading attack. The penalty for homosexual acts in Islamic law is death. “While the police declared it as a terror incident, it was not clear if it was a homophobic attack or a hate crime, as many users on social media claimed it was.” It may have been both a terror attack and one targeting homosexuals.

The Reading attack has been a case where media and authorities have bent over backwards to conceal important information. But when added up, the available evidence strong suggests that the government is downplaying yet another jihad attack.

Forbury Gardens, where the “frenzied attack” took place, was also the venue for a Black Lives Matter protest earlier that day.

More details about the Reading terror attack can be found HERE.

“Three Gay Friends Killed in U.K. Terror Attack,” by Daniel Reynolds, Advocate, June 24, 2020:

Three gay men have died in a terror attack in the United Kingdom.

Friends James Furlong, 36, Joe Ritchie-Bernett, 39, and David Wails were stabbed to death Saturday evening in Forbury Gardens in Reading, a town in Berkshire County 40 miles outside of London.

The Thames Valley Police, which oversees Reading, arrested Khairi Saadallah for the crime. The 25-year-old, initially charged with murder, was rearrested under the U.K.’s Terrorism Act 2000.

Saadallah, a Libyan refugee, was detained within minutes of a call to the police Saturday. Witnesses reported to the BBC seeing a man with a “massive knife” who “suddenly shouted some unintelligible words and went round a large group trying to stab them.”

Prior to the murders of the three men, a Black Lives Matter protest had taken place in Forbury Gardens, a public park that is also the site of the historic Reading Abbey. Police said there is no connection between the events.

In a statement, Detective Chief Superintendent Kath Barnes also asked the public “not to speculate on any aspect of this case,” including whether it might be a hate crime, “as this could have an impact on the ongoing investigation and any future court appearances.” Barnes added that police are “keeping an open mind as to the motive.”

The LGBTQ+ community is mourning the deaths of the men. Furlong was a history teacher. Ritchie-Bernett, an American, had lived in the U.K. for 15 years and worked at a pharmaceutical company. Wails was a scientist.

Stonewall, a leading LGBTQ+ group in the U.K., posted a remembrance on social media and stressed that “we can’t let Islamophobic, racist and xenophobic rhetoric be used to divide us. We must stand together to make progress.”

Martin Cooper, CEO of Reading Pride, also released a statement honoring his late friends. “James, Joe, and David were true gentlemen. Each with their own unique personality,” he said. “They were regulars of the Blagrave, a [queer-inclusive] community pub, whose regulars will be in mourning.”…

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