Stop wishing death on disbelievers and sinners. : islam

Selam Aleykum wa RAHMETULLAH wa Barakatuh. I watched a video of a Han Chinese man beating Uyghur children and I was disgusted. But I didn’t pray for that person to go to hell, I didn’t pray for them to die, or anything like that, and neither should you. Is that what Hz. Muhammed (SAW) did, when disbelievers wronged him, he still tried to educate them and wished for mercy and for the owning of their eyes to imam, and that’s what we should do. Don’t say you’re a Muslim, show you’re a Muslim, online or IRL, and a Muslim shouldn’t wish death upon anyone, unless in extreme conditions. These people can be educated, they could believe in Islam, and our dua’s help them get 1 step towards that. If there’s any Hadiths or Qur’an verses against what I’m saying, please comment them out, in case I made any errors in what I said.

Dua (I came up with it, I’m really happy :D!):


“O Allah, grant your mercy, help, forgiveness, and countless other beautiful traits upon any Muslim in need. O Allah, open the eyes of disbelievers, allow them to repent, allow them to believe, and allow them to do right to those who they’ve wronged. O Allah, you’re magnificent, Allahu Ekber! SubhanAllah! La Ilahe IllAllah!”


May Allah forgive us all, brothers and sisters, May Allah open the eyes of the disbelievers, and keep open the eyes of the believers.

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