Salvini slams government for illegal migrant surge, says ‘This government endangers Italy’

Most of the illegals are from North Africa, where al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is highly active. Al-Qaeda raised nearly $100 million via ransoms and the drug trade in North Africa as of 2017; meanwhile, the Islamic State has been expanding its influence in that region since the caliphate’s downfall in Syria and Iraq, as it competes with al-Qaeda for turf in North Africa.

The Italian government is putting its population at grave risk by indiscriminately allowing Muslim migrants to swarm into then country, especially given the likelihood that jihadis could easily exploit this opportunity to infiltrate the refugee stream. Lampedusa has been already overwhelmed as migrant boats arrive on an average of one every hour. Salvini was right to have “slammed the leftist coalition government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte” for its neglect in handling this surge of illegal migrants, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Salvini Slams Italian Leftist Govt for Illegal Migrant Surge,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, July 28, 2020:

Populist Senator Matteo Salvini slammed the leftist coalition government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, noting the recent increase in illegal migrants and the risks of a new Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

The populist League (Lega) leader remarked that “landings have tripled since last year, with illegal immigrants being recovered even near Maltese waters, while Lampedusa is collapsing and hundreds of immigrants flee the reception centres who risk spreading Covid-19”.

According to a report in newspaper Il Giornale, around 180 migrants fled a reception centre in the Sicilian commune of Caltanissetta, with police later managing to catch 120 escapees.

“This government endangers Italy,” Salvini warned.

The island of Lampedusa, the part of Italy which lies closest to the North African coast, has been inundated with new migrant arrivals in the last several weeks. A report has claimed that as many as one migrant boat arrives every hour on average and the migrant reception centre on the island is heavily overcrowded.

Lampedusa mayor Totò Martello said: “The situation has become uncontrollable. If the government doesn’t, I’ll declare a state of emergency.”

Salvini replied to Martello’s comments over the weekend saying that the Lampedusa mayor was expressing “crocodile tears”.

“We defend the fishermen, entrepreneurs and workers of Lampedusa tired of an unprecedented invasion, which we had stopped last year,” Salvini added.

Last year, Salvini served as Italian Interior Minister, and migrant landings were greatly reduced as ports were blocked off for migrant transport NGOs. Salvini’s closed border police also resulted in a significant decrease in the number of drowning deaths in the Mediterranean sea, as well.

He and his party have now been replaced by the left-establishment Democrats (PD) as the coalition partners of the left-populist Five Star Movement in the Italian government….


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