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I decided to use my reddit account (which I barely use anymore) to talk about this, because the sheiks/top personalities of this ummah have failed to to the job correctly:

This is about the Daud Kim Situation. There are plenty of yt videos to watch to get you up to speed.

Long story short, he is not the victim, the ummah he tricked + the victim of sexual assault/attempted rape is. And before you say ‘this is before he converted to Islam’, well he said himself in his second video that he wasn’t really serious even AFTER he converted, going to muslim countries to try to get with girls, and still clubbing and drinking. It is shocking to me how many people are defending him when in his latest video he states with his own mouth that he was clout chasing for money + fame, and confirmed everything the victim said is true. Some are even saying there’s a conspiracy against him. I for one am usually the first to notice a conspiracy if there is one, but here, he said with his own mouth and confirmed everything the victim has said.

We have to investigate both sides, and the side of Daud Kim with his own mouth clarifed what the girl said was true. This isn’t a girl trying to bring Daud Down, this is a traumatised girl trying to expose the truth on his actions so that she can protect (inshallah in the future) other victims from his trickery. (this started because he failed to hold up his end of the deal and deleted his instagram post).

I am only writing this because there are too many confused or misinformed people still supporting him, without realising how damaging this is to the ummah, which is why I wrote it here on r/islam. Some of you saw the ‘exposing’ video, and saw him dressing up. He said he was ‘black out drunk’ but many noticed he had no problems putting clothes on which goes in complete opposition to his claims. This is why he had to make a second video because it was clear he wasn’t telling the whole truth, only to confirm what the victim said was true. All of it.

Sadly, we have to face the facts that he, on many levels, manipulated us all. He even made a second video because he left so much info out from the first and other Koreans threatened to expose him. He sounds like to many ‘innocent’ and ‘soft spoken’ but we must look past the persona and see the facts for what they are.

It is a problem when there’s guys out there constantly reposting ‘positive’ content from this youtuber who was clearly living a double life (ironically the one reposting such contents is also a “””muslim””” youtuber who has a double life and somehow still has fans) and that we fail to see the bigger problem here. Even Daud himself said to consider him not as a victim, because he is not. So why are we not listening to his wishes???

And he can be forgiven. but Allah SWT will be the one to do that. I am not going to defend someone who has done this much to the ummah and the victim, he really has done so much damage especially to the image of Islam in Korea.

Now the main point I really need to get out is about the new wave of ‘revert’ reactor youtubers themselves

The truth is a pill hard to swallow but here goes; A lot of these ‘revert’ youtubers who are ‘pranksters’ or do ‘social experiments’ only convert for the fame and money. I’m NOT talking about reverts who reverted many years ago and then get on yt many years later, I’m talking about those who clearly have failed careers trying to be musicians, actors or just trying to gain subs, then they suddenly start ‘reacting’ to muslim content, see the spike in views, see how gullible the ummah is and then ‘convert’ simply for the camera’s sake. Of course there are actual genuine cases that fit this bill, but really there aren’t many of them, and that’s because this profession attracts people who are very hungry for attention + fame, and not necessarily genuine people.

If we don’t set standards for content we view online, all kinds of manipulators and predators would be allowed to sit on positions on youtube influencing the muslim ummah, brothers and sisters alike.

In Korea right now, many Koreans are speaking very badly about Islam. We all wanted him to improve this image and supported him for doing so, but because of his insincere actions, it has only gotten worse.

A particularly shameless other example of this was a ‘revert’ who asked for 100,000 pounds in his account to support his ‘reversion’. Anyone with half a brain cell knows this is a scam, but yet many are still falling for it.

We have to accept the fact that youtube is probably the worst place and platform for a muslim to grow, especially if the majority of your fanbase is yesmen who doesn’t check the youtuber when they commit wrong, (respectfully of course). The aspect of fame + money is dangled right in front of these people and also a lot of pressure. So it’s no wonder that these kinds of situations where they have a double life occur. Actually it is ironic that we seem to be harsher on born muslim woman than revert muslim men. . .I really don’t know how that works.

Prophet Muhammad SAW warned very heavily about the huge fitnah of fame and money. If anyone of you know that hadith please bring it up in the comments, as ever Muhammad SAW was ahead of his time. The same can actually be said for non-muslims who say one bad thing about Islam, then get boat loads of support so make a career in hating Islam when really they are only interested in the money. Platforms like this draws out rather problematic qualities and views in people they ordinarily didn’t have all for the sake of the dollar/pound.

So to remind:

A) please support the victim

B) Please delete comments supporting daud kim, who lied many times to his viewers and was trying to ‘get with’ muslim girls using his fame + drinking + more.

C) Please stop attacking muslims who are hurt by his actions, as they also have a right to be upset

D) Watch very carefully who you donate and subscribe to. Avoid ‘prankster’ type muslim youtubers, since nearly all of them are leading double lives, or move to that point. I would say the same for beauty youtubers too but it depends since some actually are serious in their Islam.

I know we watch these kinds of youtubers for inspiration and support, but when they are ‘reverting’ on a channel and gaining a lot of views in public platforms, this really, and to be frank is a fitnah for them. And since as reverts they haven’t built up iman yet, it’s going to be hard for them to see the bigger picture.

And I am not talking here about genuine reverts, many of which come to this sub daily saying they have reverted to Islam, not talking about them whom I respect. I know there’s a lot of genuine reverts, taking the time in their lives to commit to islam and learn the basics of Islam. But most of them do it in their private lives, and are clearly not looking for any money or any fame whatsoever. It’s strictly a relationship between Allah SWT and them alone.

And it really is up to the muslim ‘personalites’ + youtubers online to use their position, ESPECIALLY if they are shiek/scholars, to lay out some rules or ettiquette for youtubers and viewers to follow, so we are decieved by tricksters, or supporting them when they do wrong, and muslim youtubers can protect their image by not doing wrong without realising it.

I wrote a heck lot more than this, but I want the message to be known very clearly, and I don’t want you guys to be reading a whole novel. I actually want to also write about how kpop fans who are muslim have been blinded by korean media’s perception of Korean Men (which puts them in very vulnerable positions) – but that’s a story for another time. Assalamu alaikum.

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