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Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “I advise you to do ˹only˺ one thing: stand up for ˹the sake of˺ Allah—individually or in pairs—then reflect. Your fellow man is not insane. He is only a warner to you before ˹the coming of˺ a severe punishment.”

I was in a group chat for a class, and the shiekh asked a question if we should postpone our class or not, as a test. He wanted to see if we actually cared.

I was the first to respond and I asked the shiekh that we should be consistent and try to make it happen unless there’s an emergency of course, soon after other brothers began saying similar statements.

Today the shiekh explained that he was testing us, he mentioned that once a few people start putting forward an idea the group usually leans towards it.

Then he recited this verse.

During the prophets pbuh time , a lot of the quraish were resistant to the message because they were part of a circle and the group mentality didn’t allow them to defect. That’s why Allah swt was telling them through the Quran to think about the message by themselves or in pairs but not in huge groups, so they can think about the message and maybe it can make sense to them.

Subhaan Allah

A couple days ago I went on a hiking trip with mas and we did an activity as well. The brothers were split into two groups. Each on either side of the volleyball net. The goal is to get all players on one side without touching. Just by talking. I wasn’t sure of the rules at the time. And the game began. I moved to the opposite side then I wasn’t sure so I stopped. A few moments later I was the only one on this side and Everyone was on the other side.

Everyone kept yelling just come so the game can end , but I would say I’m confused I need someone to explain the rules again then I’ll decide.

Instead of explaining , I heard yelling and what not.

In the end I wasn’t going to move untill I knew what I was doing. It doesn’t matter what they say. so I stayed until a brother told me, afterwhich I moved and the game ended.

The verse reminded me of that situation too, people need to think for themselves and ask, if they are confused. Even if it is humiliating it’s better than ignorance.

The game was supposed to test arrogance, of the remaining people. but the way I see it, as soon as I understood the rules I moved. That’s not arrogance. But the brothers were too arrogant to explain the rules to me.

In the end I won either way, because everyone had moved to my initial side, and I won because I thought for myself and as soon as news came to me I adjusted, instead of following the crowd lol

Subhaan Allah.

Ya Rab , show us our arrogance if it is in us, and remove it from us. Replace it with confidence and yaqeen

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