Question about the Standards of this Sub : islam

This is likely to be deleted due to the content of this post, but here we go.

What are the standards for removing a post or a user from this Sub? It seems to be little to none.

I’ve seen an extremely prominent user who although I disagreed with some content, believe posted a highly moderate, well founded view of religion. They always sourced their posts: Banned

A user who posts about political issues: Banned

A person who posts on the opposite end of the spectrum had no issue.

I’m not picking sides, but it seems to be unequal.

Voices preaching literal extremism and using sources of sect leaders who support their extremism and labeling other Muslims as unbelievers are allowed apparently. Pro Shia anti Sunni voices are allowed, but moderate traditional Sunni voices are banned. Interesting.

Answering questions with no source with completely wrong “in my opinion” answers are apparently allowed.

I made this post because a total of zero moderators I contacted about these issues responded.

Let’s see what happens

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