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Professional-jihad Lebanese activist boasts of how Soleimani bought weapons into Gaza disguised as humanitarian support

“The Prophet stated, ‘Battle is deceit.’” (Bukhari 4.52.269) And relating to the “Palestinians,” particularly “ravenous Palestinians,” the world is so very, very desirous to be deceived.

“Professional-Iran Lebanese Activist Anis Al-Naqqash: Soleimani, Orchestrated Weapon Supply To Gaza Disguised As Humanitarian Support,” MEMRI, December 31, 2020:

Professional-Iran Lebanese activist Anis Al-Naqqash instructed the story of an arms switch orchestrated by IRGC Qods Power commander Qasem Soleimani and Hizbullah’s Chief of Workers Imad Mughniyeh through an support convoy to Gaza on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) on December 31, 2020. Al-Naqqash stated that after Israeli forces captured the Karine A arms ship, despatched from Iran to Gaza, Soleimani and Mughniyeh orchestrated a weapons switch in buses and vehicles that carried meals and blankets to the folks of Gaza, who have been stated to be “ravenous to dying.” Al-Naqqash additionally shared that PA President Yasser Arafat would smuggle weapons into the Palestinian Authority in his automobile. For extra about Al-Naqqash , who was concerned in a 1975 terrorist assault during which three folks have been killed, and was pardoned after serving ten years of a life-sentence in French jail, see MEMRI TV clips No. 8044, 7554, 7012, 1805, 1568, 798, and 101.

Anis Al-Naqqash: …”One of the vital stunning [weapons transfer] operations befell in entrance of the eyes of the entire world, in entrance of the cameras of the Zionist enemy, in entrance of the Egyptian military and the Egyptian intelligence, and in entrance of the entire worldwide media. How did it occur? A big amount of weapons was collected In El-Arish and the Sinai area.

“Transferring these weapons into Gaza by way of the tunnels would have taken a very long time, and so they have been in a rush, as a result of they estimated that an [Israeli] assault was coming. All of us bear in mind how the folks of Gaza ‘who have been ravenous to dying,’ broke by way of the Egyptian border and entered El-Arish to get meals, blankets, and gear. Then, buses and vehicles entered Gaza from Sinai, in plain view, carrying not solely meals and blankets, however they have been stuffed with rockets and weapons. That is an instance of the good pondering of Imad Mughniyeh and Qasem Soleimani.”

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