Officials plan ban on alcohol to prevent recurrence of riots by Muslim migrants screaming “Allahu akbar”

…Officials plan ban on alcohol to prevent recurrence of riots by Muslim migrants…

Muslims can terrorize the legal and peaceful merriment of others and western leaders immediately go to one knee in respect. But if we criticize the overt violence and intimidation in islam we’re racist bigots that risk jail, ostracization, or even death. Muslims use their “victimhood” as a means of controlling and conquering every one else. They’re victims because of their “offense,” and they’re always offended. They don’t have the guts to think for themselves in fair-minded tolerance, they’d rather let a fake prophet and bigoted demon run their lives. If it wasn’t so bloody dangerous it would be pathetic and funny. Our right to pursue happiness in our own nations is now subservient to the “hurt” feelings of muslims, and unfortunately, almost everything we do causes them hurt. And of course left-minded politicians love this, it’s their excuse to destroy freedom for the sake of “multicultural” togetherness, which in reality is the opposite of multicultural as it’s usually biased in favor of muslim bigotry.

But I say, our response to their bigoted intolerance should be a firm commitment to our inalienable right to live free of religious intimidation. I’m an agnostic, I don’t give a sh*t about their retarded superstitions invented by a psychopathic warlord and hateful god. If muslims don’t like merriment or drinking then they don’t have to partake, but don’t ruin it for every one else. And that goes for everything else in life too, we don’t need some narrow-minded bigots who live for a morally retarded demon telling the smart people how to live. Muslims, you are the dumb ones, you need to listen to us. We have the better human rights, we have the better system of government, and we are superior in our quest for equality and justice for all. Islam is a male dominated culture that is motivated by, and kills for, a retarded religious construct invented by fools for dominating weaker fools. America–nor any other nation–can be great if it compromises for and is controlled by a religion built on superstitious ignorance and bigoted hate.

My view is that, if America is great it’s because we honor freedom and equality at the core of our being, that is the prevailing thread in the fabric of America. Not perfect, but working on it. Islam threatens to destroy that fundamental greatness with its sharia that will enforce human rights abuses that are a hundred+ years out of date. They threaten to corrupt every aspect of our society for allah’s bigoted intolerance, and they’re doing it one brick at a time. This fight isn’t just about drinking alcohol, it’s about our right live freely and without all the terror and bigotry islam brings wherever it goes. It’s literally a battle for our survival here in the West and it’s time everyone realize this, or we’re going to end up a tyrannical backwater like every other muslim nation on earth.

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