New Arab Party asks Swedes ‘who do not accept diversity to renounce their citizenship and leave the country’

Islam is the second religion, the second community in France. Those who do not like us have only to leave France. France, we love it with its Muslim community or we leave it~some muslim

LOVE! ha! do muslims truly love France and what it stands for! That word rings hollow for true patriots of France, I’m sure. Talk is cheap, let’s see good action, muslims, that conveys your “love” of France. There’s a nice little poem out there called, “Love is as love Does” by Scott Peck. I won’t post it because I try and respect Copyright when I can. But there’s a line in it that reads,

Love is action. It is conscious striving for the beloved. It is willful thoughtfulness properly planned and executed.

So true, love is more than mere words, it’s doing right by the people you love, or say that you love. Muslims have not shown the western world enough true love, they don’t respect our culture(s), our freedoms, our children, our laws, or our heritage. Their enclaves are a slap in our face, their mosques promote bigotry against non-muslims as godly truth, their “religious” doctrines are a Mein Kampf of hatred against “unbelievers” and all other religions, their mass rape of our kids is a crime against humanity, their deadly homophobia and misogyny imperils our sacred principle of equality, their cultural imports degrade us and hurt their own people, and their burgeoning sharia courts are a perilous threat against our laws and democracy. True love is about working together to hash out our differences, it does not mean acting like stubborn fundamentalists who readily threaten and kill over cartoons, the stupid lying c*nts. We see what’s happening here folks, the retards are gaining the upper hand with their growing political clout, propaganda, and terror against us. They are beginning to organize more with every passing day, the threat is imminent. As more “Arab parties” are formed we’ll become more susceptible to their stealthy tactics and the left’s complicity. We know how these scoundrels operate, they’re like pliable “Gumbies” that will twist themselves into a lying knot to protect islam.

Now more than ever it’s time to support good people like Robert Spencer and Pam Geller and Anne Marie Waters, and David Wood, and our other heroes for freedom. And we must keep a vigilant eye out for any subversive acts muslims may do, in our neighborhoods, our politics, our schools, anywhere, really. What we do now regarding the islamic threat will determine the fate of the next generation and many more to come.

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